Auto Locksmith Wingham

Car key replacement in Wingham

Have you lost your car key? Do you need an Auto Locksmith Wingham? If that’s how you found us then you are in the place!

We use our expertise for car key replacement in Wingham, we cover nearly all Makes and Models of car that are on the road. Call Us for a quote.


Auto Locksmith Wingham

Car Key Programming Wingham

If you have found that you need car key programming in Wingham then as an Auto Locksmith Wingham we can help.

Why would you need your car key programming? Car keys can become unsynchronized in a number of ways. The top two reasons we come across are these.

  • A dealership carries out an update to the cars ECU (Electronic Control Unit), The key can then be deleted during the process. This isn’t done maliciously but can occur when a technician doesn’t have all the keys for the car present while completing the work.
  • Flat car battery. This happens due to “spikes” in the cars voltage while cranking a car with a flat battery. These “spikes” can cause the data inside the various Electronic Modules to corrupt. This in-turn causes a data mismatch to occur and the car will not start.


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A Little about us

Key Craft Locksmiths are Auto Locksmith in Wingham Kent. We have been in the Car industry for over 15 years, all are are a family business and have comprehensive experience in the automotive and auto locksmith industry.

Key Craft Locksmiths is a well experienced company who have dealt with every scenario possible and as the auto locksmith industry has changed and advanced we have kept up to date and adapted to the latest technology available.

With many happy customers served in Wingham Kent over the years, feel free to contact us today.


Through our experience with dealing with our customers over the years, we find that the initial phone call can be a stressful and anxious one due to not knowing what to expect and if it’s even possible to gain entry to your car or make you a new key. Knowing this we put our customers in Wingham Kent at ease by knowing you are talking to an experienced auto locksmith and not a call centre.